Owen Wedding

Our wedding day was perfect. It was so surreal marrying the man I had talked about marrying when we were 15. The ceremony was small, we didn’t have anyone stand up with us, and we only invited family, this was the second wedding for both of us. You know that feeling that’s portrayed in the movies when two people are so in love they forget about everyone else in the room? That’s the feeling I had as soon as I started walking down the aisle, I even forgot about the ceremony during the kiss. It was perfect.

Bride: Kylie Graves
Groom: Austin Owen
Wedding Date: June 26, 2016
Reception Venue: Lake Wapello Lodge, Drakesville, IA
Officiant: Wendy Ward
Bride’s Attire Purchased At: Hitched Bridal and Formal Wear, Bloomfield, IA
Wedding Cake: Cakes by Schelyce
Hairdresser: Lyndsay Al-Khanfar
Jeweler: Mike Ryscamp
Invitations: Tammy Roberts
Wedding Colors/Inspiration: Summer/Flowers
Theme/Décor: Vintage garden
Honeymoon: Camping at Honey Creek Resort, Moravia, IA
How did the two of you meet? Austin and I met for the first time when we were newborns and then were reunited when we were 13 and didn't lose touch after that. Austin and I started dating in 2002, dated for about a year and then both went our separate ways. We eventually found our way back to each other and have been inseparable since!
How did the proposal take place? We were standing on our back porch and talking about buying a house and he said "well, then I guess we should make this forever" and pulled out the beautiful pear shaped, sapphire, halo ring that I had been in love with for years 😍
How was your wedding day unique and special to the two of you? We had pictures that Austin's mom, Toni, brought of us together as kids placed on the welcoming table. We also placed belongings of our deceased loved ones in special spots around the ceremony.
Photographer: Tammy and Eric Roberts
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